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Sins have no cooldowns that defend against nontech/force without aid of the RNG. NM (and HM operations chief) as a sin is literally "roll 1d6, if you get a 1, you die even at full health".
On Friday in HM Thrasher hit me for over 30k as well. I got instant kill from Operations Chief too. Althogether I died 10 times through 2,5h very good run through S&V HM. 1-2 deaths may have been avoided with more optimal group composition (we had two sage healers, and one of them was extremely good player but on slightly undergeared character), but a few were hard to avoid in any way

We have a cooldown that helps though - Battle Readiness. But it's just one ability on long cooldown. I hope it get slightly better when I have more gear, I now have everything you can have from TFB HM except second UW relic and some stuff from S&V.