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It's nice to see this picked up and theres actually competition, kudos on everyone!

Quote: Originally Posted by DustinDune View Post
Thats alot of ganking to get a 100% on Alderaan, wish i could even find flagged people on any planet.
I'm on a pvp server so there's really no choice but to be flagged...and since my main is a sin, death awaits at every corner...or in one of the pub bases
I got all open world pvp achievements you can imagine... i started with those cause i knew they'd be fun to farm
I still get the ocasional whisper saying mean stuff 'bout me my relatives and my sex life because of the ganking i did... Good times good times

Quote: Originally Posted by Ansalem View Post
swagger how the hell did you get 100% on balmorra? I cant get the invasion of balmorra lore object on rep side to complete that side of it.
I noticed when i was leveling my gunslinger that they broke that codex entry
I had 2 pub 50s prior to 2.0 and thats where i got the entry for the achievement..but if you try to go now the object isnt clickable anymore
Ya know BW cant fix something without breaking something else

But now to my own tracking

My achievement points at this time is 22500
My galatic reputations at this time are 6 (didn't provide proof last time so here it is)

Nice of you to keep this updated keep up the good work

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