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Beesodd, I tried your suggestion. I went to fleet, reset the mission ("The Coalition"), logged out, and deleted the file you specified. Then I logged back in, and went to Hoth. The mission prompt then transitioned from "Travel to Hoth" to "Use your ship's intercom". After a few moments, it tried to automatically start the conversation for me (UI disappeared and yellow conversation bubble appeared), but the conversation never starts. I have to eventually hit "ESC". But of course, the mission still expects me to use the intercom. I try to use the intercom, but it results in the same behavior.

I am stuck. My Sage can no longer continue progressing her storyline.

Is anybody else having trouble getting past this mission (starting your storyline on Hoth as a Sage)?
Taking off Qyzen's gloves solved both problems! Thank you so much for figuring that out! My Sage really likes being able to speak again.
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