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07.14.2013 , 05:54 PM | #73
I'm sure I am missing something and maybe someone can help. But why is there such a contrast in stat distribution between this post AND KBN's post over at:

I have a Vanguard at about 2400 stat budget and there is a 200 point difference listed in Defense in each respective post:

Dipstik: 2400 Defense: 794 Shield: 978 Absorb: 628
KBN: 2400,{defense->993,shield->878,absorb->530

Is this just one of those things where some say more defense is better for less overall damage vs. Smoother Damage with more absorb? Or are KBN's values not as effective for 2.2? I'm new to all this numbers game stuff, so just curious as to why there is such a difference listed in each post, as both posts are referenced to as starting points for stat distribution.

Again, I'm probably missing something. HAHA