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Operative/Scoundrel healers are making people cry in PvP these days.

My personal preference is sage. They start out with a tank companion (which is actually meh, unless you're soloing heroics) and sage's second companion is a healer so .. even worse if you're playing a healer. If companions matter a lot, you might be disappointed. First companion is pretty dull too imo, though I love the sage playstyle.

I do have a commando and the female voice actress is fantastic, and her first companion has good DPS. I actually think early on commando is far easier to heal FPs with than a sage because you get a cheap, fairly spammable AoE that you can tack a HoT to early on (and can also apply a damage shield). I really enjoy commando too ... but I think they're harder to PvP with.

My sage is 43ish and my commando is only mid 20s though, so commando could get better in PvP at higher levels. You're just so dang slow. No real experience on scoundrels.
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