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Popularity contest. I've played with, and in PvP against, some of the most nominated names and I don't feel like they should speak for anyone because in-game'wise they're not on a level to do so. Their votes are merely based on some theorycrafting threads they posted. That's math and not actually playing the game.

And really, what the point of voting for a more or less strict PvE'er when 9 out of 10 problems revolve around PvP?

How about you, BW, actually scout the forums instead and adress the things that pop up 50 times per day instead of outsourcing it to a person who most likely only will represent a niche.
More or less this. All I'm seeing is a popularity contest with people nominating number crunchers or video makers. Then when this person gets elected they'll appear to be more important than the rest of us, favoritism. Favoritism should be nothing new here, afterall specially selected guilds were copied to the test server (favoritism), some select people were undoubtedly granted access to the closed test server (favoritism).

If the only thing these AC Reps are doing is going forum searching and seeing what people are saying/asking and then making a post with 3 questions to the Dev team, this is kind of pointless. I don't see this ending up as a good idea.