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People might correct me, but I think you're looking for guardian. They're the best PVE tank at the moment, you can respec to focus/smashmonkey spec, which is best in class in PVP, and if you want to DPS in PVE, vigilance is very good.
Thanks for your input. I was hoping Guard/Jug weren't tops for most aspects of playability since they were widely considered undisputed strongest in end game tanking.

I figured the difference in class types might be far beneficial in various ways such as Shadow perhaps great as node capping due to stealth, perhaps Vanguard best at guarding nodes w/ healer due to aoe streangth (these are just random guesses from reading online, I have no personal experience here). How valuable these differences are and what each tank class brings to variety of aspects of the game I'll just have to watch and see while playing.

Again, thanks for your input. Looks like guard/jug is closest to Jack of all trades Tank class.
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