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I have read through many of these at work. Makes for a great way to spice up a boring as hell day in the office.

Think my best so far was the one I went on a long time back;
SM Que for KP on my PT as a tank and dps, I have a set of gear for both so no big deal to me. I get a group fairly quick, other tank is a PT as well. We took a moment or two to get going, someone had real life thing come up right as the last person hit ready (they said they weren't expecting it since it was within the last like 10 seconds of the timer on accepting). We went along all fun times and such, had a marauder who was a fresh 50 and in like greens and blues a healer pointed him out to me. So I slapped a guard on him, no big deal he never had a boss poke'em. We did the first boss without issue, though we almost lost someone to the knockback was me actually, I was laughing about it with them in ops chat. No real issues until we got to Foreman Crusher, now this guy to me was a bane in my side for a while. My guild had issues pre-2.0 downing him. We eventually did but it took us some effort. I explain to the other tank how I wanted to tank Crusher, he agreed and said "Just tell me when to taunt off". The healer that mentioned the marauder chimed in again and said "I don't expect him to survive with the boss on him for long) this prompted me to look at this tank's gear.

yeah his only piece of tank gear was his shield... And even that had NO defensive stats in it... He completely remodded it into being a dps item. I facepalmed at this moment and basically whispered both healers and told them that I'll be solo tanking him as I won't be telling him when to taunt off after looking at his gear. Both healers gave me a "okay" style response. And we went on, first frenzy I pop energy shield and retaunt afterwards. Second one my relic, and rinse repeat. It worked well, we downed him much to my surprise and I gave myself a pat on the back.
((Yes I know Crusher is easily solo-tanked, but keep in mind when I started Ops on my PT as a tank the guild I was running with had like 2 people, myself included in that 2, that knew the Op. So I had to explain the fights and we were tank-swapping as when I tried to take 2 frenzies the healers commented on maybe swapping tanks. SO I went along with it))

Now we get to the Fabricator droid. Explain it, get puzzle people, yada yada. I now whispered the "tank" with me and bluntly put saying "I know your not a tank, you have 0 defensive stats and only que'ed as a tank cause its faster" followed up with "But here, you NEED to taunt and take him off of me. I'm not geared enough to survive through 10 stack armor debuff". I did a rc, he clicked ready. As we were about to pull I get a whisper that made me facepalm so freaking loudly my folks heard it a room away. That whisper was;
"Dude, I don't know where my taunt is"

He found it eventually... And pulled off of me with it, but I kept the boss longer then I would have liked, reaching 7 or 8 stacks each time cause well. I was in tank gear and he wasn't.
We wiped anyway. Second try was a wipe. Same with the third.

Group fell apart after the third wipe.

Was funny, in a sad way. I'll post with more stories if I live through anymore... But I rarely PuG nowadays, least not Ops that are 55 lvl ones and the 50 Ops I PuG like everyone is overleveled and overgeared its a screw around Op for like everyone (Had a Sin dps that decided he was going to jump inbetween his attacks in a HM EV, did the same the whole way through it and still put out respectable dps lol).