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They're leaving TorParse opensource and hopefully someone will pick up the reigns and we'll still have it.

MoX is decent for parsing, but outside of that it isn't necessarily beneficial. TorParse allows us to break down every single parse and find any information we desired where as MoX does not (unless something has changed).
Unless you are talking to james behind the scenes i don't see how that can be true..
Jjames has always been against making it open source, he hinted that if he found someone with the"Right Skills" and if he "REALLY Likes" him, he "MIGHT" consider passing it along.

Given the fact that there are too many Ifs in that statement and that he gave no indication of what his goal/qualification would be for someone to take over, i take it he doesn't want to pass it along but wants to be nice about it instead of just saying hey i am killing it and no i am not letting anyone continue it(which he is within his rights to do so).
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