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Quote: Originally Posted by Jett-Rinn654182
Bioware has to be scratching there heads right now

Half the population is screaming their too hard..the other half is screaming there too easy.

Personally I think they are fine....but my opinion isn''t more valid than anyone elses. I just hope Bioware doesn''t make any rash moves when it comes to tuning or re-tuning these we saw how "Back to Vanilla" effected the WoW community.
^ This completely!!!

I also agree that they are fine as they are. The second my friend and I were able to go into a flash point, we did, collected the quest, completed it then rolled on. We did the flashpoint as we came up to it in quests and leveled out of it, moving onto the next one. They were actually fun and we were able to do it with 3 people and a pet instead of waiting around for another member or dying.
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