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07.13.2013 , 10:18 AM | #528
I queued for a FP on my commando healer. We got Cademimu SM. People didnt seem to care about keeping threat off me as we rolled through it. People generally seemed to know where to go. However the tank stepped into the orange cirle and got trapped in the orange box. I thought that might be a bad sign, however we kept going alright and got the boss killed since it was SM. It wasnt until we got to the giant lift that takes you down towards the boss when I got worried again. Both the tank and a dps walked off the ledge.
"Oops" the tank says.
I made a mental note to remind them off the fire before the boss fight began. "Stay out the fire" or something like that.
Fight begins, they seem to be staying in the center and dont move much away from the one rocket coming down. I'm tossing heals but the tank is getting pounded because he got too close to the fire. "Move" I type into the chat. And the tank dies from the fire.
"damn" the tank says.
So we keep going as I heal both dps, they seem to be following my lead when I move. However the one dps is still dangerously close to the fire. And the boss does a knockback pushing him into the fire to his death. Now it's me on the other dps, he seems to know what he is doing, taking damage like a tank and I'm healing him well. However bad luck strikes me and he gets knocked into the fire and takes a lot of damage and I'm unable to heal him from the boss. Now it's just me with about 20k of health to go on the boss. About what seems like an eternity later, I kill the boss. I was very impressed with myself! lol I revive the dps that died last and I go to click on the terminal to end the FP.
"help" the tank says.
After the tank get's revived from the dps, they all tell him that was pretty impressive and such.
"wow, you took out 22k of his health!" the tank says.
It was certainly an experience to remember.