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Kotor 10th anniversary is coming and you guys just keep pretending there is nothing wrong with Revan's Armor. Ok speaking from my own experience, I noticed that after a patch last time that the armor color became significantly lighter. When I saw my inquisitor at the log-in screen I just felt something was "off", that something had changed. I sensed that the armor wasn't exactly the same as before.
This statement shows that they don't actually care about the KOTOR event, just the 10 CC
Hence, there IS something wrong with the color. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG. Don't pretend there is nothing wrong. If you can't fix it, COME OUT AND ADMIT YOU CAN'T FIX IT. Don't spin a fabrication about "lighting", bla bla bla. Magnus and others have already provided EVIDENCE that it was BLACK and not GREY.
If the BioWare team truly can't fix it, then there is no point to subscribing to this game any further. I don't know why they are embarrassed to admit that they are wrong. We just want the armor fixed.
You are upsetting a lot of fans and loyal customers. Don't get too greedy and arrogant Bioware. You are becoming very sloppy on QA, QC and bug fixing. Keep this up and many of us will leave. AGAIN.
They are already greedy and arrogant. They have been very sloppy on QA, QC and bug fixing since launch, and I honestly can't see this game lasting another year if they are too lazy to fix Revan's color bug.