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07.13.2013 , 05:03 AM | #527
Assassin tank in Cademinu SM who kept using his Whirlwind for CC (and seemingly on random mobs, not the strongest one) and forgetting about his stealth CC. Well, I would assume he was DPS who just switched stances when he noticed he was tank. Never used Discharge, never got aggro from all the mobs and never used taunt until shortly before the end of the FP.

In the middle of the FP I told him that Whirlwind was no use to him and that he should have a stealth CC and that CCs should be applied on the strongest mobs.

There was one single time he used his stealth cc on a mob just to attack it seconds later.

Funniest line however was: "I stun the droid" (at the first boss encounter). By stunning he meant CCing...I said: "have fun with that!" knowing that you could not cc bosses...

Problem with him was: his behavior made it seem like he was experienced. His actions, not. In the beginning I assumed he knew how things worked, because he gave orders and stuff... but he clearly didn't.

Maybe he was a PvP player with no experience in PvE, or from another MMO...