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Ah, this thread is so one of my favourites, so I thought I'd throw in a couple from my recollection.

1) Back in the day (before 2.0 and just after the HK-51 chain came out, I was queuing for Maelstrom Prison HM for the HK piece on my healer. Got a nice quick pop, me sage healer, a sent and commando DPS. We pass the first droid boss, then for some reason the tank leaves (I think he DC'd). So we queue for another tank, and the rest of us being well geared decided to press on. Just before we get to Colonel Dashk we get our replacement tank, Guardian. He dies, but we take down the Colonel. It was then we all notice the tank isn't in Soresu. (So far so normal, right?) So we ask him to drop into Soresu, I add 'Tank stance' and 'the green one', as I'm assuming English wasn't his first language based on his toon name. Doesn't happen. He doesn't even acknowledge us. He's not even using taunts, so halfway through the next mob fights the sent whispers me, saying, 'just treat me like the tank' which I agree with and we breeze through the FP. The best bit? Despite not talking to us, or even acknowledging he didn't know what his 'tank stance' was, our fantastic Guardian had the audacity to demand we "SPACE PLZ!!!" through all the cut-scenes. Obviously we didn't do that. On the penultimate cut-scene every time he typed in "SPACE!!" I typed in "Tank!", hoping he'd get the message. He didn't.

2) This is one where I made a hilarious fool of myself. Again, back in the old days; Taral V SM(my favourite FP btw). My sage healer again, a sent DPS, vanny tank and a guardian DPS. We drop that droid before you talk to Kilran and it drops a nice piece of orange heavy strength armour. The Guardian needs and wins, and I lose it. "Why need on armour you can't use?" I type. "Cos i can use it" comes the reply. I rage some more, annoyed at the ninjaing. Then it hits me. Why was I angry? Because forgot he was a guardian. I was looking at the role symbols on the group pane and saw the DPS crosses and mistook them for a sent/marauder. I felt so stupid. Needless to say my apology was overflowing, and I promised to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the FP. Once explained we all had a good laugh about it and finished the FP amicably, but it taught me to think more carefully before calling people out.
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I /wave and drop group. Just before I click Exit Area, I watch the Tank get carbonized. Again.