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Yup yup. I don't guard dps unless I'm ordered to on an op. If you are a dps you need to learn what to attack and how not to take excessive damage. If you are drawing agro on hard-hitting mobs you are doing it wrong.

Also if you do heals and you are not worried about catching too much agro then you simply are not healing enough, your area heals will generate life-threatening agro at times but they offer the best healing bang for the buck and you should use them often.
if my group is topped off as much as possible? I'm most certainly healing enough. and the only times I pull aggro in these situation is when the mob is not being touched by anyone else - tank OR dps. and in those cases - guard is really not much use (in pve, damage reduction is nice, but not that significant). slightly less threat on a mob that I'm the only one generating threat in - is still me being the only one generating threat. they will keep attacking me.

healing doesn't generate nearly as much aggro as dps, let alone tanking - if your healers are pulling off you without, when you are tanking? you have worse issues then healer threat.

the ONLY time I need a guard as a healer is during few very specific operations bosses OR in pvp. but that's it.

now. I don't click it off. there's really no point to it IMO. but I do make a suggestion to a tank, after enough pulls to see which dps actually needs it. I have found that a lot of tanks automatically guard a healer because they have been running with healers who demand it. it makes me very sad.