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I have no desire to see a new bursty powertech/vanguard cooldown. There already far too many "I win buttons" in this game: Resilience, Saber Reflect, Force Barrier, Guarded by the Force, Sentinel's Force Cloak. To give another class a 100% resist chance ability would certainly buff Vanguard tanks in PVP, but it's completely out of their design niche. That's the point of the Vanguard tank: it should have high passive mitigation, low on-demand mitigation.

In 2.0 Vanguards fell behind Guardians in passive mitigation (3% DR on Guardian Slash > +16% armor that Vanguards spec for, and they aren't differentiated enough in the shield/absorb department) and Guardians, for some reason, also got a hysterically good cooldown: 9k AOE threat, AND damage immunity against r/F/T, AND damage reflection toward enemies, AND it's on a 1 min cooldown.

So I identify two imbalances between Vanguards and Guardians: 1) DTPS profile for Guardians is approximately as steady as that of Vanguards 2) Guardian cooldowns are ridiculous, and the class has no weaknesses. I think the abundance of Guardian cooldowns is a Guardian design problem; it's not a Vanguard design problem.

My suggestions to remedy the Vanguardian imbalance are to 1) remove or stop giving out these "I win buttons". I understand that, despite what I want, Resilience and Saber Reflect are here to stay, and I'll deal with that. But for god's sake, don't give another 100% resist ability to a tank class. 2) buff Vanguard armor/shield/absorb, nerf Guardian armor at least. Ensure Vanguards are the steady DTPS class.
^Exactly my thoughts, I mean, I really think some classes should have those awesome cds but give to classes who needs it, shadows REALLY need it and bioware are screwing resilience a lot, the way I see shadows have a very low cd on resilience, so low that you can have it on every spiky situation in a boss fight, problem is from what kitru said to me the other day they are making some force/tech attacks become melee/ranged (huge grenade in titan 6 and scream on TFB HM) and this makes resilience worthless while at the same time does nothing for saber reflect, they can still reflect ranged so they become the only class that can negate several attacks when they actually don't need to do it since they have very good mitigation and other very good cds.

If you want juggs to be a class with awesome cds make their mean mitigation worse so you force them to actually need it, and if you want shadows to be spiky and very cd relying make their cds very good, whats happening right now is one class getting all the candies, another being kicked in the nuts over and over and a third class watching it all from the distance just sitting there, wanting more candies but not doing anything because they don't want to be kicked in the nuts
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