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You make the assumption that forumers will. There's nothing to lose with this idea. You need to calm down and get off the Community Managers' case. What good will come of it? None, that's what. So stop.
I make the assumption that the most responded to threads within each AC forum have the most prominent questions/issues that the community on this forum is interested in. This new system makes the assumption that one person knows what the issues are OR that one person can gather the issues. In either case, one can just look at the forums...

What good can come of this new system? None, just puts another step between us and the Devs.

Before System: Thought --> Forum Post --> Community Team --> Devs
After System: Thought --> Forum Post --> AC Rep --> *Maybe a Weekly Question* --> Community Team --> Devs

This is more of a Vanity thing. Now, if you read my post you would know that I am not all over the Community Manger's case. Rather, I see what they are trying to do --> Saw a Flaw --> Pointed it Out --> Made a Suggestion for Change. I didn't even resort to trying to bully him
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