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You can move while casting if you hotkey. You can't if you click. Yes, one really is better than the other, otherwise clicking wouldn't be such a huge disadvantage in PvP -- and it is. I was a clicker in another game years ago. I got better when I stopped being a clicker, so I speak from personal experience. I never played WoW.

I don't even have the AoE heal yet (level 43) and I don't struggle to keep DPSers up, even if they pull before tank. Is it annoying sometimes? Yes. Should they be doing it? No. But if you *ahem* hotkey you also switch targets more quickly/efficiently, so again -- a healer should not be struggling to keep both DPS and tanks up, presuming DPS aren't "standing in the fire" etc. or pulling six silvers at once.
1 thing i say i cant heal with some skills while moving that is very **** trust me
ad the end boss ad FP D7 boss mother i need to move alot and i mean alot ore i get hit very much
some players split up to far from me so i need to move fast then stop heal turn back to te orther side

and heal him to then i need to watch out for the claw atack the move around -.-

it keep me busy XD
i wil change my hot keys to that will help alot to
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