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People don't post what the 'majority' wants, they post what they want. People also do not necessarily reply to the most important posts. By your logic the devs should indeed post SirCopperfield billboards around fleet because people reply to his threads.

I'm sorry you don't understand how people's mentality works, but it isn't my job to explain it to you. Pretty much what you're saying is "they don't need to do this" well they are. What's to lose?
You make the assumption that the class representatives will ask the "most important" questions. It is not difficult to look in a AC forum and pick the top 3 issues. Why do we need someone that doesn't get paid to collect them?

I am saying they do not need to do this. There is nothing to loose. However, it opens the door for other more serious questions:

1) Why can't the current community team do this? Why do they need an unpaid player to help them?
2) Is there a better way to accomplish what they are trying to?
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