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Ran a lowbie Athiss as a healer where the tank imploded on the silver mobs before you even get on the lift. (Not that you even need to kill those, but ... ) I was a few paces out of range as I didn't expect him to aggro, but he just melted beyond saving.

An inspection of him revealed he had four mods in his full set of orange gear. That's four mods total, across all pieces of armor.

EDIT: RE heal on Force Wave:
Quote: Originally Posted by NoFishing View Post
At low levels, I could /maybe/ see taking it since your AoE healing options are pretty limited, and would be a bit more useful while soloing. But it could also be the start of a very bad habit.
I like it to top off between fights, and even now I use it on boss fights that I know the boss can't be knocked back. Free heals is free heals. :P But I can see why using it during trash fights is annoying, and I don't do that. Of course, I'm not max level yet either :P I would take 8% extra healing over it though ... but then I PvP.
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