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As for us as a team passing information on to the dev team to get answers, this is absolutely something we do. I work constantly to try to get answers to questions you guys have here on the forums. However, sometimes I am just unable to provide an answer which is why it may appear we are remaining quiet. The other issue, is that sometimes even when we provide answers, you guys will feel like we are ignoring the question you are trying to ask. Class Reps solve both of these problems.
Um, what? That doesn't make any sense. So sometimes you are unable to provide answers which is why it may appear you are remaining quiet, but Class Reps will solve that problem? They will magically make you able to provide answers?

and sometimes even when you provide answers, the community feels the question they tried to ask is ignored so Class Reps will solve that problem? They will magically change your answers so that it addresses the question they originally asked?

Dude, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and I can't believe you actually wrote that and posted it for the public to see. You are USING, yes using, the class reps to be secretaries and organize all the class questions so you don't have to read through forum posts. The community team has been a disaster since the game launched. Recently posting within 24 hours of 2.2.2 that the patch was planned to be delayed a day because of 4th of July because you forgot to let us know what was already planned how long in advance?