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I think you got the point across that no one ever gets kicked because of their AC. I ran 1,000 FPs+Ops in GF, and I have never seen anyone getting kicked because of their AC. Also, as a sorc healer, PvE wise they are debatbly the strongest.

As for gear, 116-120 gear is more than enough to take you through all SM FPs. The highest SM FP is level 48 anyway.

It seems also you understand your role and class skills. If not, the abbreviated version only heal tank unless dps are getting atked and stick to healing; do not dps unless your confident of your healing capacity and skills. The rotation is simply bubble, resurgence, innervate. In the down time use dark infusion, aoe heal or consumption. Resurgence lasts 15 secs, so need to spam it.

My advice is to join a guild and try to run with them. Also, inside FPs I generally avoid saying anything beside hello when I walk in and TY when we are done, unless needed. This is one of these situations were less is more.

In addition, do not role need on loot unless its will power and has power, surge, critic and alacrity as secondary attributes. Do not role need on anything else. Always greed. If you need something for a comp, wait for everyone to role. If everyone roled greed on it, ask the group if you can take it for comp. If they say yes, feel free to roll need on it.