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thanks was just wondering... i knew they killed it but we normally dont like to spy others progress but yeah, like i said information is important too :P... as far as the strat being old, until you get to P4 which at least they streamer didnt for the achievement (7struck did, because they dont get achievement in their kill like us, just saw it).. you dont know how hard it is.... we started like 1 hour after suckafish, when we heard they killed waas like ****, tried tried tried, until i gave up and say **** it let me see how they did it... saw that, and was like you have to be F. kidding me.... that strat makes the fight that was a 10/10 difficulty into a 3 lol, so kind of wasted a lot of time there for not knowing >.< lol. we will have to be more aware of that next time lol >.<
Well, we really tryed the "normal" way about 6hours (or something like that), try many strat (another kill order,...), but we are wondering and asking urselves if P4 is doable at this time. the enrage is really tight.
Then we had this 'lol'-idea... Soon we knew that this doable. But we all were uncertain to do this way, how react the com to this. We decide to kill. After all, this is not a exploid. we know that the strategy is not be wanted.
never mind kill is kill.
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