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Is this a bug >>>> Snipers/sorcs can also get away with not going through 6 puddles during ciphas which gives a huge DPS advantage.
I'm not sure if serious or trolling. You want to use up those Green puddles. Can you imagine how clustered that room will be if all 4 Snipers just roll out of doom and not pick up the green puddles? Those green puddles also carry over to kelsara phase just fyi. So you are arguing that these classes can mitigate Doom damage which lets them NOT pick up green puddles... have you seen a Kelsara phase with 6 green puddles and 6 red puddles with more red puddles coming on the way and you are just idk.. ~30 seconds into Phase 3?

There can be other supporting claims to your argument but not using up green stacks is not one of them...

You want to use up the green stacks so you have room to maneuver in Phase 3.

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