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hello all

am now a lvl 49 sorc full healer build

but after some time and try to do alot of FP
it seems i get kicked out much even if am a bit higher to help party

and my gear is pretty good i dont die much even if i pull alot of argo i can keep my self pretty good alive
Warning phrase #1. "I don't die much" . As a level 49 healer you shouldn't be dieing at all in a FP especially if you are overleveled for it.

What is "pretty good gear"? At minimum you should be in Modable armor in all slots, with 45+ greens or ideally blues. You should have 40+ implants, 40+ Earpiece and 30+ Relics.
Needless to say all of your gear should be willpower based with emphasis on Power, Surge, Crit.

Warning phrase #2: Even if I pull a lot of Aggro

When are you pulling aggro? Are you DPSing or is it on Trash pulls where the DPS isn't picking the low level stuff up?
but after some time i figure out that alot of players dont like as a sorc healer and want a Operative healer more -.-

if that is the case i hope bioware make Sorc healer beter but i dont see rely a problem yet
stil dunno why players like Opertive more the sorc ??

and now i feel a bit sad and start thinking to quit my sorc that i work so hard for
but if i need to w8 more then 20 min for a FP run it pretty sad and pll ad fleet say that healers and tankers always join fast for a FP run

not in my case sadly

if any no why this is let me no thx
sorry for my bad english
Having played this game since launch I can tell you I have NEVER seen anyone booted from a group for being the wrong AC. I've seen people booted because they couldn't or wouldn't do their role e.g. Healers so focused on DPSing they let the party die. I've seen people booted because they were undergeared e.g. Running Kaon Pre 2.0 in HM with someone in Level 35 Greens. I've seen people booted for being greedy e.g. rolling need for tank gear as a healer for their companion when the tank needed it. I've seen people booted for generally being rude and obnoxious but not once for being the wrong AC.