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also, personally at least, i sometimes decline if I see that judging by the level of someone in a group, we might get a flashpoint that I'm too high level for. which means useless loot and very little experience.

it does suck to have to go back into the queue, but that's not done because you are a sorc. if people declined groups based on players class/spec, I would never find any groups on my sentinel (because here's the class that a lot of people actually dislike, sadly because all too many sentinels/marauders chose to behave like jerks in groups)
only thing i hate when i am in a groep is if the dps class atack first with there fast jump atack and not let the tanker get his argo first
with that most dps get very low hp with that my hands get very full of keeping them alive

also i need to keep the tanker alive sometimes its to hard for me and mostly players die and blaming me for not healing them -.-

if they let the tanker get his argo its for me a easy job and almost dont need to heal both dps classes and if they get a little low i schield them with static barrier and give them a DOT heal skill

mostly ad ea run they stay above 90 % hp

most sadly there are jerks that boom jump atack and get there *** kicked my mobs -.-
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