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I'd like to hear from the Development team why two abilities for Marauders do not work during the Dread Guard Nightmare mode Lightning explosion but snipers can roll and be "immune" to a mechanic negating everything as well as Sorc's Barrier. (granted, they can only barrier one of the explosions... but they can then save the next cd for when they have doom).

Here's the problem and this could (should be) a bug.

When Heirad does his lightning explosion the Marauder can use either Cloak of pain || Saber ward to help lessen the blow of it. Using Undying Rage // Camo does absolutely NOTHING for the marauder... Two abilities that are supposed to lessen damage, absolutely useless. If a marauder is sub 13k going into the explosion, they are dead because they can't use either of those abilities.

People that can "go around" the lightning explosion damage:
Assassins can Shroud (though who is bringing those to any nightmare content at this point... they are dreadful in both dps and tanking)
Sorcs can bubble the explosion
and Snipers can roll.

Is this a bug >>>> Snipers/sorcs can also get away with not going through 6 puddles during ciphas which gives a huge DPS advantage. If players can go around a mechanic, raid dps will obviously be higher. As fun as playing drinking games to people dying to Doom can be, the party gets a little boring when snipers/sorcs end up with the debuff

The problem that the immunity brings is raid stacking. For any newer guilds that hit nightmare content and DONT SKIP BOSSES, they can "beat" DG by stacking snipers as their dps. Not to mention that Snipers are still single handily the best DPS in the game because ranged -rarely- have to move. The amount of fights in all Operation content that are majority Ranged friendly is just way too unbalanced.