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07.12.2013 , 10:03 AM | #5
You wont really notice any issues until you reach the NIM content, and HM 55 FP's as Kitru mentioned. The problem with the 55 FP's only exists if you are pugging, as guild healers and tight groups will know it is coming. A rookie healer will not see the spike issue and you will go down, weather it be on packs or hard hitting bosses. Even with a guild healer you will still have it happen once in a while.

When you enter NIM content, it works to have a single assassin or shadow, but if your group is comprised of two there is no way even the most overpowered healers can keep you both up. As my main healer put it "if I take my attention off you for 1 second you are dead"

You might experience a little trouble in HM S&V for the thrasher fight until you get used to the mechanics, as there is a good amount of damage and the other one in HM that is semi-challenging is the ads that spawn during TFB operator IX (first phase)- If you have two of the big ones beating on you at the same time you will need focused heals and cooldowns to survive that. Mob pulls can be offset by overcharge saber + clicky relics or saber ward, but once the cooldowns run out you will be left to the abilities of your healers.

TL;DR: NIM content is the real issue, however the problem does begin to show in all 55HM endgame content