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07.12.2013 , 09:50 AM | #13
lets say it so i rely dunno how groep finder work ore who is controling it

i was lvl 48 and i get 3 new FP,s
battle of ilum
falls empire

i think wow lets try it
so i ad healer those 3 FP.s i wanne do and looking for party in groep finder
i w8 so 20 min -.-

then a party pop up most are above lvl 50 i was the only 48 its only a few lvl lower not a big deal i think ??
then boom i get kick out of the groep finder

and it hapend alot sadly
so yea i think is it me and who is doing that who is controling the groep finder ??

my gear is mostly purple will power and orther things i healer need but not rely focus alot to get a good healer set i wanne do that ad lvl 50 +

my gear rating is between 112 and 120 i stil dunno if thats good ore not am very new to that sorry
its my first time i play healer in this game

about pulling argo that problem is if the tanker dont have a AOE argo skill only have a singel 1
i only use my aoe heal skill if i see that my party is in trouble with that i can pull alot of argo to me
but then again you dont want any1 to die also

i mostly focus on the tanker if he/she doing his job very wel i dont have much trouble to do any runs
and all go smooth for me

but in most partys alot of players dont say anything and dont rely help me ore corect me what i do wrong -.-
but i try my best to keep every1 alive

i also help to do CC with my wirl wind skil it wil make a battle with many mobs alot easyer
so i rely dunno maby its me maby its the players i dont no

i do no i stil need to learn alot but it wil help if there was a beter communication between players
guilds are bad to its for me to many guild to less active players with most guilds i try between 5 to 10 online its very sad not what i wanne see sadly

so am mostly alone with out any help but i stil try my best

sorry for my bad english
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