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This thread is the reason why I do not do FPs occasionally for comms (to gear alts). I end up pulling off of the tank anyways, even after threat drops, so what is the difference between me tanking and him tanking? If I want to make sure he will always have threat- then that means I will have to sit for half a minute letting him build some up before I can do a single thing. One Tracer Missile will crit for 6k+ in a FP. I fire off 2-3 and now I'm tanking.

There is no point in waiting if the end result is the same. You can work as a team while moving fast- there shouldn't be any hand holding. I've had tanks who chain pulled and it was great, but 9/10 times I have a tank who pulls something and then waits like 2min and then pulls the next pack. Its slow and tiring and serves no purpose.

Its not like we're acting all high and mighty, but to turn a 15min run into a 45min run just because you believe a tank should have the right to hold everyone up because hes the tank, well shame on you. This is why everyone hates pugs.
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