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I don't like this because your stealing my role. If I go in as a tank I expect to tank not be told to go sit in a corner while the gods move among us. Instead of making it all about you why don't you find a way to boost the FP that doesn't involve pushing others out of their role.
I guess the problem is that if the group is decent, the tank's role becomes superfluous. I don't steal their role anyway, I just pull. Stealing their role would involve trying to hold aggro on everything, which would be impossible and dumb.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nkya
Because that doesn't actually work out of rare cases (low end areas). Quake need you don't do anything else and is only useful on weak mobs (the others aren't stunned), your healing over time is pointless since it will fade out before your bubble. At that level, you'll need to cast the quake twice to fully wipe this weak ones, monopolizing all the healer efforts during 15-20 seconds. The other ones are not touched enough to die and need the full attention of the rest of the team. That move leaves the tank unprotected. After a dozen of second of fight, if you feel the tank needs a bubble or heal and start casting that, half of the mobs head to you, your bubble having then faded, you start healing yourself, etc...
None of this stuff happens, because lvl 50 fps are a low end area.

All I know is the fastest runs involve everyone moving at maximum pace, and the slowest ones involve waiting for the tank to pull every single fight.