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Here's how my 50 fps go (sage healer)

I'm usually in front thanks to force speed, so I drop a quake on the mobs. My bubble absorbs most damage, self heal takes care of the rest. DPS and tank then catch up - tank taunts the biggest mob, dps and I kill everything else. Generally they require nothing more than a rejuv here or there - at most one trance.

If there's at least one other 69+ geared person, this makes the run extremely fast, and nobody ever comes close to dying. Why would you not like this :?
I don't like this because your stealing my role. If I go in as a tank I expect to tank not be told to go sit in a corner while the gods move among us. Instead of making it all about you why don't you find a way to boost the FP that doesn't involve pushing others out of their role.
Mal - Define interesting.

Wash - Oh God. Oh God. We're all gonna die?

Mal - This is the Captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence. So we may experience some slight, turbulence...and then explode.