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Sorry someone should at least tell you what the problem is, as mentioned I would do the following:

1) Make sure you greed not need for drops - Even if you think you might need it, for now just greed it. Good teams will give you gear if they dont need it.

2) Concentrate on healing. Don't do any DPS, like literally zero unless you are in trouble from a mob. Concentrate on keeping the tank alive in the group. Throw bubbles on the DPS, and only heal them where necessary. A tank and healer can pretty much take on many SM FPs

3) at level 49 you should have at least some decent gear on, make sure it is at least specced for willpower and otherwise endurance. You can have Power and some other pieces for min/max stats, but if you have endurance/willpower gear noone can complain. You should have some decent blue/purple/orange stuff by now? Pop along to the planet vendors on fleet and try and get some upgrades if not (you should have comms??).

4) Are people marking in your group? i.e. do the mobs have little coloured marks on? if so are you CC them where noted. As a sorc healer you have a pretty good CC so use it and help out.

5) Tell people upfront if you havent done the FP. Most people will be willing to explain them. Try youtube/dulfy/alamar for guides on the FP you are doing. Learn the basic mechanics so that you can at leats follow it. As a Tank & Heal if somone tells me they dont know the FP I will talk the through each area/boss.

6) Every so often use your threat drop mechanic.

It is not your Sorc I am afraid that is the problem, as stated you may be:

1) Doing damage, but igmoring damage on your team, if they are having to work and use up medpacs to stay alive they will not be happy!

2) Using your knockback irritates tanks no end.

3) Your gear is specced for something else?

4) You are running around pulling aggro, attracting mobs, etc, and jsut getting in the way.

5) Selecting need instead of greed, it is not really clear what each means, and I made the mistake in my first FPs

People love good healers, they make runs easy, save people money, and can eb the difference between and wipe and staying up.