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I have never ever been in a Group Finder (leveling or endgame) where a person was kicked because of their advanced class. Ever. And I GF queue a LOT.

I have been in plenty however, where people have been kicked for:

Under-performing to the point of hindering the progress of the team;
Constantly going AFK;
Disconnecting frequently;
Need rolling on everything that drops;
Failure to follow even the simplest of instructions;

That's pretty much it.
(Except for one time, in a HM 55 FP, when I was vote kicked by the tank, after an argument and he was screaming at me, because he was infuriated that I kept taunting off of him. I was playing my dps Mercenary. He didn't like it too much, that my answer was "I couldn't taunt even if I wanted to. I think maybe you just need to learn to hold aggro, I can only threat dump every 45s, so if I am pulling aggro, it's not my fault, it's yours. Learn your class before you yell at someone else for not knowing how to play theirs." - then he initiated a vote kick. hehe)
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