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Bioware EA employees,
Just admit one of the following.
a) The team(s) working on bug fixes are professionally incompetent, or
b) Your engine hates to be touched because it is a steaming pile of Frankenstein's you know what, or
c) The QA department is full of professionally incompetent individuals or
d) all of the above.

Its pretty obvious to everyone who isn't mentally challenged, at this point in the SWTOR project's life, we've already witnessed everything that would support (b) with our own eyes and ears going way back starting from the very beginning of development. Every interview, every question asked, every word spoken, every experience playing over all this time to present says so. However, I'd say there is a mixture of all of the above, simply because it fits the facts. Every patch brings in a bug fine. But you have some of thee worst most persistent unfix-able bugs I have ever seen on any MMORPG engine. Even when you fix a bug you create two new ones! And then the one you fixed comes back again... Sometimes. Your performance is embarrassing to look at. I can't watch.

For those that don't understand why Frankenstein, because that's the type of engine they are using now.
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