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07.12.2013 , 06:01 AM | #106
Hi there, we surprised ourselves by killing Dash'Roode yesterday night, but unfortunately we screwed up including the time stamp in our killpic:

Our sage healer recorded a video of the kill, though:

Edit: Here's an achievement pic from our raidlead / Sage Dps:

Guild is Corruptio Nex on server T3-M4 (Guild website: We had Scoundrel healer Gunnythegun to help us out (thx a lot again!) as our usual Commando healer fell asleep playing the game that night (no joke!)

We're fully aware that the lack of time stamp makes this announcement fall short of the rules stated in the opening post, but decided to still post the information here, as we won't hardly be competive enough to challenge the top guilds here, anyway. So feel free to go about this post in whichever way you deem appropriate.

Greetings from Germany, best of luck and "Guten Loot" to all of you!

PS: Lineup, if you're interested:

Reko - Guardian Tank
Silvane - Shadow Tank
Ysidor - Sage Heal
Gunnythegun - Scoundrel Heal
Darjia - Sage DPS
Rykaad - Gunslinger DPS
Kérosin - Vanguard DPS
El'ethon - Sentinel DPS
El'ethon - Sentinel <Taking the Jawas to Alderaan> T3-M4