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The healer would need the heal the DPS who's starting the fight, then himself since the first heal would have turned to him all the aggro from the pack, then the tank trying to untangle the mess. The tank AOE don't work as good since the mobs are moving, maybe they're even spread, one to the trigger happy DPS, some on the healer and the ranged ones remaining in place.

The first adjustment I'll have in mind when this behaviour repeats is votekick.
Here's how my 50 fps go (sage healer)

I'm usually in front thanks to force speed, so I drop a quake on the mobs. My bubble absorbs most damage, self heal takes care of the rest. DPS and tank then catch up - tank taunts the biggest mob, dps and I kill everything else. Generally they require nothing more than a rejuv here or there - at most one trance.

If there's at least one other 69+ geared person, this makes the run extremely fast, and nobody ever comes close to dying. Why would you not like this :?