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PD: would be nice if someone post here revenge / hoth stream to watch other competition , or how did you know about the kill 2 at once strat if u never made it pass P2 OR P3 Enrage atleast? (Suckafish) or at least streamer :S never did for the achievements, just wondering lol, and already have fyuri stream but thats it... and DnT... we would have loved to know that "interesting" strat like u, went for it without even try the "complete" fight enrage.... saving 5-6 good hours of wiping on stupid tuchuk enraged shield rape lol... but hey, never underestimate the value of the information i guess . good luck on styraks kick *** fight everyone .)
I saw Roovin the other day at the 7Stuck stream at so I guess that's how they knew about it.
And that strat is quite old: