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07.12.2013 , 03:24 AM | #4
Your problem is not your advanced class. Sage/sorc healers are very desirable, especially for PvE content. Without any more detail about the FP runs you've done, I can only guess whats actually getting you kicked.

It could be that you're not playing your role very well. I suggest looking up guides on how to play sorc healers.

Another problem might be that you're choosing "need" on every drop in the FP. It's commonly accepted that you only need on what your characters main spec can benefit from.

Breaking CCs, aka crowd controlling effects, can upset people. If you don't know what CCs look like, tell the people in your team so they can show you.

Using your AoE knockback constantly can also get you kicked. I have no clue why the devs decided to make it heal, because all it does is encourage new players to use it, which is likely to cause drama. It can and will piss off the tank and melee DPSers if used incorrectly.
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