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07.12.2013 , 03:21 AM | #52
The only way I see this as a problem is if, like the OP said, the DPS is aggro'ing additional mobs that the healer will pull aggro from and die. Maybe those mobs are too spread out and the tank can't taunt them all as they normally would.

If the DPS is killing mobs in a non-standard order, and/or pulling too many groups for the other members to survive....then that's a problem.

If the DPS is simply pulling the first mob in every group, and taking agro and killing everything but not causing any deaths, you should be lucky to have them in the group. If they tank better than the tank, then the group needs to recognize that and adjust. Not complain about it. (If I heal better than the healer, are you going to ask me to stop throwing out off-heals?)

Lowbie flashpoints are like lowbie warzones. Don't ever expect proper tactics from random people, learn what your job is and practice doing it, and get to 55 asap so you can play for real.
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