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Just a reminder of what the community team and devs are looking for: Found Here
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Just keep this in mind. The goal of this is simply to help create a dialog and interaction between the studio and the forums concerns about classes, class balance, etc. This is just a fun way to create the conversation and is something new we are trying.
The questions can be as detailed or broad as we'd like them, there isn't a huge need to pose a question and strongly scrutinize each word it consists of at the moment. While we will reword/edit questions we choose for clarification, they don't need to the ultimate form of a near-perfect question. I'd also suggest saving that editing process once we've gotten a good grasp at 5-10 questions we'd like to vote on seeing being asked to the combat team, unless someone suggests a question that is too confusing for us to decipher.

In other words, I'd like to see more brainstorming and less finalizing since we have plenty of time before the three questions are presented to the community team to hand off to the combat team. One step at a time.