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Ok, so I have been following the threads lately about Shadow/Assassin spikyness, and I understand that in all end-game content they are more spiky than guardians/VGs. However, at which content tier does this cause a significant problem?

For example, guardians and VGs aside, are Shadows in isolation able to tank HM Flashpoints or HM Ops? If Shadows were the ONLY tank, what would that look like (outside of NiM). Most of the threads I see are in regard to end-game progression such as NiM Ops. I have seen a number of threads where folks have said that outside of any NiM difficulty Shadows are fine (granted spikier than their counterparts, but perfectly viable without having a perfect itemization, perfect execution, perfect healers and perfect co-tank).

So, is that accurate? I am drawing close to 55 on my Assassin; will I find myself pulling out my hair, and questioning why tanking is so difficult? Or will I, with appropriate amounts of effort in itemization and learning the fights, be able to continue forward relatively unhindered by shadow tanking issues outlined in these threads?

Finally, if the case is that shadows are...ahem..."fine" until NiM Ops, what can I do if I wish to sintank those for my guild as well. Simply outgear the content? Struggle regardless of my efforts? Use a certain kind of build or itemization which is overall sub-optimal but will allow me to progress and -somewhat- bypass sintank issues?

Thanks any and all who take time to share their perspectives, but please stick to the facts. All the rhetoric that gets thrown around in these discussions often distracts from clear answers and clean, honest opinion.