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07.11.2013 , 07:51 PM | #129
I just found out about this Class Representative System, definitely a step in the right direction (+1!)

Eric, some thoughts on this topic:
I dropped by the all the class' Class Representative Nomination threads, and as it is right now, It seems the elected Representative for each AC will be Force-Bullied into their position by a small clique, regardless of how helpful they have been to the community and how much involvement they have had with both styles of SWOTR (PVP / PVE).

There are other cases of people who have bid for the job, have not contributed to their class forums / are not known, but have vowed to start participating / increase participation if elected (Equals to electing someone with no credentials, who promises they'll build up such credentials post-election).

Since we'll only have 2 spots per AC, 1 per faction (for both PVP/PVE), and in the spirit of having a class Representative that has really contributed to the community and their specific AC, I thought of some items that the community (Us Voters) and community managers (Eric et al.) should consider when voting / accepting noms:

*Candidates need to be a proven long time contributor to the class forums they're running for
*Candidates need to demonstrate sufficient participation in both PVE and PVP content
*Candidates have not been banned from SWTOR in the past (No Hacks, Exploiting, in any of their accounts... etc)
*Other relevant factors I missed

Something else of concern:

Could you talk about the voting process and how it will be set up? and will it be as tamper proof as reasonably possible? I mean, who is to say that John Doe and his posse are not loading up multiple forum accounts to nominate / cast multiple votes in their best interest? Anonymity in this game and the forums is already rampant, where legacy names are not unique, cannot be checked by examining players, and display optionally - and pretty much anyone can create forum accounts and post on any board...

I'd hate to see this (and your effort) turn into controversy and a meaningless joke, if it's not executed properly. Has it been considered to start accepting written questions from players, and bring up the 3 that came up the most? or put up 10 and have the community vote, select 3 that'll be answered by the combat team, per AC?