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Ok here you go Yndras how about this one? You seem to be good at wording... I *think* you have an idea of the point i'm trying to say, but made a comment that how that point was made is obscure and can lead to more questions than one definite answer (and we only get ONE pve answer from the combat team. That's why these questions have to be really *important* and carefully made). Well technically we have 1 PVE, 1 PVP, and 1 other question.

My question is:
The 2/18/23 hybrid iteration of X/X/36 Full Lethality is more popular right now in raids. This is due to multiple things like the 4-pc set bonus "requirement" of Full Lethality, Hybrid offering EP+CB energy regen and great DPS, and Hybrid seems to in general just do better single target DPS. Is Full Lethality on the list of things to look at to make it do equal if not more DPS than its Hybrid spec?
Mmm, You need to be really careful here. You are forcing the dev to admit that one spec is doing more dps than the other... I don't think that is a fair question. What you are essentially asking for is a buff to X tree or if it is in the pipelines, and i think that detracts from the overall intention of the Q&A bioware have proposed.

You need to think about what it is that your concerned about, and from the above question it appears your concerned about a certain playstyle not doing as much dps as another.

Consider asking for more maths or inhouse numbers for your theorycrafting rather than if the devs "feel" there is a dps anomaly.

Something like - A specific hybrid spec appears to be quite popular at current due to higher dps. In your play tests, do you have any numbers that support this theory in comparison to numbers for lethality snipers.

This way you address the question, is there a dps balance problem between these specs that you are aware off, and gives them some room to be more specific or provide numbers.
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