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not quite. ranged dps is vague. how snipers dps between skill trees as well as mercs and sorcs varies considerably. There is a role in mind that defines what a sniper is and how it is supposed to be different from mercs and sorcs.
Ok, a lot of stuff in this post. Firstly the above quote.

The trees differ because they are different classes. It is good design to do this. The role in mind is ranged dps, and George has given you a run down on the overall feel for the class which is what you are after. That is NEVER going to change, it was decided upon during the initial design of the class. Hearing more of what George says about the class would be moot.

Angelsfluttersky #2 and Paowee #1 are asking about the changes made to lethality and the intention and use in raid environment vs hybrid specs.
Asking about the changes to lethality is fine. But we Need to be specific about what changes and leave enough room for elaboration on other aspects. Once you start referring to hybrid specs as a comparison you are creating grounds for confusion. How is the dev to know what hybrid spec you are referring too and what dps this spec is supposed to do. Too much supposition in this type of question.
Evrydayimsmugglin #1 is a question about if snipers are to be reliant on other classes or is roll to be used as a major defense.
All classes are designed to be reliant on each other. Its designed as a team game, hence the warzones. Roll is a defensive ability, I doubt it was designed to be the end all go to ability. It is bad to pose a question as tho it is designed to get a specific result. You want open ended questions that are specific enough to get you the information you want, but open ended enough so they have to elaborate on other mechanics as well.
Angelsfluttersky #3 is question about if engineering is designed for the mines to be the primary damage dealer. - Not a bad question. Perhaps you should be asking more about the mechanics and math behind the tree and what is supposed to be the main dps ability.
Angelsfluttersky #1 is also about the intent behind engineering and the limited viability of plasma probe in mobile boss fights. - This is supposition. To answer the question you have to agree that it has limited viability. Not a very good question.

the answer will shape future questions and provide a basis for new discussion.
If you ask the right question, the answer will answer your future questions.
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