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I think you have your answer. The design philosophy is ranged DPS. Your fill a dps role in all, trees, and have a varying amount of utility in each for different things, to match different play styles.

I think this type of question is obscure, and doesn't really do much for the class in general at all. Use these questions to answer specific problems or questions with functionality or problems with x skill, not a blurb on what they want to achieve with the class, that was set before the game was released.
not quite. ranged dps is vague. how snipers dps between skill trees as well as mercs and sorcs varies considerably. There is a role in mind that defines what a sniper is and how it is supposed to be different from mercs and sorcs.

there are already many questions on the front page dealing with what is the intent behind different specs.

Angelsfluttersky #2 and Paowee #1 are asking about the changes made to leathality and the intention and use in raid environment vs hybrid specs. Evrydayimsmugglin #1 is a question about if snipers are to be reliant on other classes or is roll to be used as a major defense. Angelsfluttersky #3 is question about if engineering is designed for the mines to be the primary damage dealer. Angelsfluttersky #1 is also about the intent behind engineering and the limited viablity of plasma probe in mobile boss fights.

the answer will shape future questions and provide a basis for new discussion.

you could always pose your own question tho.
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