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How did you get this from that post....

Math does not mean buff. It means the way they calculate certain abilities damage compared to other classes defenses as a good example.

Design philosophy is the idea behind the play styles the class offers. This will not give you an insight of where the class is heading..... its already there, but it will give you insight in to why certain skill choices were made in the first place, and the ideas behind the functionality of the class from concept to implementation.

Pretty much you should focus on trying to get more math type responses as this will help calculate the theory crafting needed for spec and gear optimisation.

Another good inquest would be into mechanics. An indepth account of how things are determined would do wonders for this class, especially given its defensive nature.

As in, how is the cover mechanic governed and what skills/damage types are exempt from the cover rule.
Yes it is a bit obscure and leading into many other questions lol. I just wrote what came to mind off the top of my head. Definitely the question could use some better "refining".

Re: math, design philosophy, qol, etc, I guess you went in deeper into the meaning of the words. If it is going to confuse people then let's remove it! If you can think of a better way to word my first lethality question that would be great! in the meantime let me try to remake it to make it more precise and not ALL over the place
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