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07.11.2013 , 04:27 PM | #24
I have no desire to see a new bursty powertech/vanguard cooldown. There already far too many "I win buttons" in this game: Resilience, Saber Reflect, Force Barrier, Guarded by the Force, Sentinel's Force Cloak. To give another class a 100% resist chance ability would certainly buff Vanguard tanks in PVP, but it's completely out of their design niche. That's the point of the Vanguard tank: it should have high passive mitigation, low on-demand mitigation.

In 2.0 Vanguards fell behind Guardians in passive mitigation (3% DR on Guardian Slash > +16% armor that Vanguards spec for, and they aren't differentiated enough in the shield/absorb department) and Guardians, for some reason, also got a hysterically good cooldown: 9k AOE threat, AND damage immunity against r/F/T, AND damage reflection toward enemies, AND it's on a 1 min cooldown.

So I identify two imbalances between Vanguards and Guardians: 1) DTPS profile for Guardians is approximately as steady as that of Vanguards 2) Guardian cooldowns are ridiculous, and the class has no weaknesses. I think the abundance of Guardian cooldowns is a Guardian design problem; it's not a Vanguard design problem.

My suggestions to remedy the Vanguardian imbalance are to 1) remove or stop giving out these "I win buttons". I understand that, despite what I want, Resilience and Saber Reflect are here to stay, and I'll deal with that. But for god's sake, don't give another 100% resist ability to a tank class. 2) buff Vanguard armor/shield/absorb, nerf Guardian armor at least. Ensure Vanguards are the steady DTPS class.