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The most important thing i would like to see answered completely and comprehensively is what is the design philosophy behind snipers.

Something that includes what is the current role of a sniper in pvp and pve broken down by spec. Not how they are currently used but how the development team wants them to be used. I have had several forum debates about what the current intent vs the original intent of what snipers are supposed to be.

Here is an old post from before the forum reset. dated 11/3/11 from Georg Zoeller

several new skills have been added and others have changed. does this concept still apply? I think a lengthy and in depth response will greatly improve discussion about balance between classes in pve and pvp. a response will also serve as a great introduction to the sniper forums and provide fast and dev approved responses to posts demanding nerfs for class defining concepts.

additionally responses on pvp vs pve set bonuses, if target dies when SoS is being channeled it does not proc FT, raid utility (can we get an ability to direct threat onto a tank), armor appearance (lets limit the number of antennas, headlights, giant flashing lights on the sniper rifle, ect) would love to see an art contest for new armor appearance.
I think you have your answer. The design philosophy is ranged DPS. Your fill a dps role in all, trees, and have a varying amount of utility in each for different things, to match different play styles.

I think this type of question is obscure, and doesn't really do much for the class in general at all. Use these questions to answer specific problems or questions with functionality or problems with x skill, not a blurb on what they want to achieve with the class, that was set before the game was released.
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