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We have proof to show it is still bugged, which is what I believe is why SithEBM is meaning. Which is posted at the very bottom. We can pinpoint when the bug occured, and its a contradiction to Eric's earlier claims. And the fact you guys are celebrating about Kotor and Revan's Heir while his armor is still bugged is rubbing salt in the wound.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey guys,

I checked with the team and Revan's armor has been updated to directly mirror the Revan NPC found in-game. That is intended and there are currently no further changes planned.

1. The Primary color has been bugged since patch 1.6.0 and no fixes were done for that. "The Team" mirriored the gear to the gear. is a lie. all they did was just removed the bugged double hood clipping. Read 2.

2. The Master(dressed like Revan at the Revanite Compound) and Revan in the Foundry after he puts his mask on still has the double hood bug. If they did infact mirrior Revan, both of these guys wouldn't have the double hood bug either. (THIS IS WHERE THE BUG HAPPENED ON THE ITEMS.)

3. Revan's Primary Color is still bugged, nothing was fixed for it. as we have picture proof of the Revan NPC outside of the Maelstrom Prison and the Foundry.

In Eric's reply about the light grey bug.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey guys,

I wanted to add a bit of clarity to the post in this thread, and my update from this morning. This is all of the information I have about Revan's armor, what was or wasn't changed, and why. When we originally saw the double hood issue we also noted that it appeared there was a color difference in the armor between the player and NPC. Our plan was to mirror the NPC exactly for the player for consistency. When we fixed the double hood and we looked at the color palette, the armor sets were already identical in color so no change was actually required.

The issue that I think some players appear to be seeing is that the top portion of Revan's armor is not the same as the bottom or the "light grey bug." Interestingly, they are the exact same color. Yes, Revan's top may appear slightly lighter, but they are the same color, it is just a matter of how it is laying on the cloth (similar to how dye's can affect different armor pieces differently). The reason it appeared that the CM armor and NPC armor looked different is that you only typically see Revan in darker lighting, so his coloring looks a bit different then when you are running around in varying lights in the open world on your character.

When I said originally there would be a color shift along with the double hood, we were also under the impression it would require a color shift to appear the same as the NPC armor. Unfortunately after looking over the NPC armor it appears it was already the same color, so no color shift occurred.

I hope that clears things up and apologize for any confusion!

In paragraph one. He thought the Light grey bug, was a bug separating the NPC armor color to be different from the Item armor color. Which is wrong. the light grey bug affected the primary color for the entire set in patch 1.6.0 the fact we can pinpoint exactly when the bug occurred is an insult. But since he compared the bugged light grey NPC outfit to the bug armor set. You guys did no fixes.

In paragraph two. You Pass this off as a Lighting issue. Which we have pictures to PROVE it wasn't Revan in the Telos ship for the conclusion of the Jedi Prisoner quest he is in a neatly lit room where it can be clearly seen it was BLACK Primary, not GREY.

In paragraph three you guys admit you thought the light grey bug only affected the armor outfit, not the NPC. when it affected both. in patch 1.6.0 which I repeat again, we can pinpoint exactly when the change occurred.

Revan in the TELOS ship. Clear lighting, ROBES ARE BLACK. before patch 1.6.0

Revan in the TELOS ship now, after patch 1.6.0 currently 2.2.2

There is still a bug, yes, you may say there are no more further plans but that does not disregard we have evidence to contradict there is still a bug making it a still valid thread post in this area, so you locking SithEBM's bug report in this forum section was unprecedented.

I have personally cataloged all the known cartel market armor bugs over the months, Which is sad because if it is sold out of the cartel market interface, they should be neigh perfect because they are purchased with real money.

Revan's Primary color is still bugged.
Investigator's Robe still has a Double Hood
Pathfinder's Chest still has a Double Hood
Preceptor's Robe has a clipping bug, the butt voss robe flap sticks out of the actual robe butt flap.
Calo Nord's Helmet is too small for male body type 2.(and some others) your head actually sticks out of it.
Calo Nord's jacket is riddled with numerous clipping bugs because of the bags on the jacket.
Bastila Shan's Butt Robe flap goes in the butt for more female body types while standing and running.
Bastila Shan's Brown shoulderpads clip inside the body on every sex and body type, most of the time just standing.
Relaxed Vestments on females cuts up part of the body under the right breast like an unfinished body mesh
-NEW Diabolist Robe's hood is bugged, in combat stances for most male body types our head sticks out of the back of it.
-NEW Huttball Republic Away chest logo of the pub symbol is supposed to be white, the icon and the collections interface of it shows it to be a white symbol. but in-game it's blue and blends in with the blue part of the chestpiece making it hard to see.